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SEO Service Provider - Search Engine Marketing Services

seo service provider it is important to explain the difference between search engines and directories. They are often confused.

Search Engines:

Also called “spiders” or “crawlers,” search engines constantly visit web sites on the Internet in order to create catalogs of web pages. Because they run automatically and index so many web pages, search engines may often find information not listed in directories.


Unlike search engines, directories created by humans. Sites must be submitted, then they are assigned to an appropriate category or categories. Because of the human role, directories can often provide better results than search engines. Yahoo is an example of a directory.

Hybrid Search Engines:

To further confuse matters, some search engines also have an associated directory. These are sites that have been reviewed or rated. For the most part, these reviewed sites do not appear as the “default” when a query is made to a hybrid search engine. Instead, a user must consciously choose to see the reviews.

WWC as a SEO service provider targets achieving a listing in the Top the major search engines. This involves the optimization of pages as well as making alterations to your index or front page. Pages are tailored to the algorithms of the various major search engines. In addition to any other major pages on your website, are then manually submitted to the major search engines. Search Engine listings and positions are altered on a monthly basis, and changes made to the pages accordingly if a top ranking is not achieved. Submission occurs monthly and report will be emailed to you monthly. FTP website access is required.

Web World Center is one of the most effective and affordably priced SEO  (Search Engine Optimization)services companies available today. We can help you with , Search Engine Submission, SEO Link Building. SEO copywriting, Website Optimization, Keyword Research, link building and raising brand awareness to your company website.

Creating a website that places well in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing takes a well rounded approach to optimazation. Things like onpage optimization as wel as off page need to be considered.

Domestic Plan

  • Page Optimization – Yes – Main Page Only
  • Keywords – 6
  • Search Engine (s) Submission – Yahoo, MSN, Google, Cowboy, Lycos, AOL, ALLwebsearch, HotBot, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves
  • Example – search JASP HOSTING PAKISTAN in yahoo then you will find www.webworldcenter.com somewhere at yahoo search pages(may be at the top of first page). This keyword have Pakistan mean it is related to a one particular area or region. Auto submission to 30000 (Search Engines+Directories)
  • Min. Contract – 6 Months
  • Site FTP Access Need – Yes
  • Site Layout Changes – Yes up to 25%, if Needed
  • Price – 29500/Month

World Wide Plan

  • Page Optimization – Yes – 6 Pages included Main Page
  • Keywords – 7
  • Search Engine (s) Submission – Yahoo, MSN, Google, Cowboy, Lycos, AOL, ALLwebsearch, HotBot, AltaVista, Ask Jeeves
  • Example – search BEST JSP HOSTING SERVICE in yahoo then you will find webworldcenter.com somewhere at yahoo search pages, may be at the top of first page. This keyword have no particular region or area. Auto submission to 50000 (Search Engines+Directories)
  • Min. Contract – 7 Months
  • Site FTP Access Need – Yes
  • Site Layout Changes – Yes, This plan is specially for those people, have sites developed by us
  • Price -39500/Month

Please email us at sales@webworldcenter.com for SEO services detail.