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Guaranteed Lowest Prices for Domain Name Reseller Operating in Pakistan

Our prices are much lesser than what you would get in any other domain reseller program offered other vendors. Unlike other Domain Resellers, our marketed prices are not bound with purchase bulk domains. No matter where you host your sites, you can still take advantage of our cheap domain reseller prices. We offer more than 80 domains under one control panel. See Domain Price List

Infinite Level Sub-Reseller & Customer chain

Resell Domain Names with us and have the freedom to create Customers and Sub-Resellers under you. Each Sub-Reseller under you will get their own branded and white labled Control Panel. And same is true for sub reseller of your reseller. This will allow your Sub-Resellers to enjoy all the facilities that you enjoy.

Customizable and Brandable Domain Reseller Panel

Web World Center offers a comprehensive control panel from where your Customers may place their Orders. The control panel is completely Customization You can modify the look and feel, point your own URL to it and modify the content of the same.All you have to do now is link to the Control panel from your web site and start selling.

Customizable and Brand able Homepage

Our white labeled domain reseller panel offer full customization to allow easy integration with your web site You can point your own URL to this homepage and simply direct your Customers and Sub-Resellers to your branded domain reseller page.

Complete Control through your Control Panel

You get a comprehensive Control Panel for complete administration Orders of your Customers and Sub-Resellers. You have complete administrative control over all Orders placed by your Customers, or your Sub-Reseller chain.

Custom Whois format

Every domain reseller account comes with a custom whois. You can even modify the who-is template so that who-is of all domains registered by your customer will carry your companies name.

domain name reseller

All reseller domain accounts come with the following…

Reseller Store

You can be open for business in minutes with our reseller store. It’s customisable to the nth degree – you can tailor the logo, the URL and add pages without having to use code. Every store comes with a dynamic shopping cart and plug-ins from all the major payment providers can be added.

Control Panel

Our control panel is your digital PA; helping you to manage your products, customers, resellers and settings all from the same place. Just like the reseller store, it’s fully brandable and it also comes with air-tight security as standard. What’s more, it’s multi tier, so you can instantly create control panels for your customers and it’s available in 12 languages.

Domain Management

You can run a tight ship when it comes to your domains with our domain management tools. Edit A, MX, CNAME, NS and SOA records, and 24×7 Monitoring. Free with every domain.

Customer, Sales, & Finance

WWC uses the Logicboxes domain system, a white-label automation platform that allows you, your resellers and their customers to manage all their services under one roof. Move orders between customers and reseller accounts, Lock or suspend accounts for security or payment recovery View a complete history of all modifications performed, and more.

Domain API

Everything we offer can be seamlessly added to your own website. For full portability our API is based on HTTP. It’s also fully-documented so specifications, client side kits, sample forms and sample code are at your disposal. Security, meanwhile, is a given. Our API is monitored 24 hours a day.