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Bulk Email Directory & Marketing Services

Pakistan email directoryWelcome to webworldcenter.com! Were you aware that over 70% of all Internet users in the USA and Pakistan have made purchases as a result of email marketing? ! If you are looking for an effective way to market your products or services online, bulk email marketing is the method of choice for the most successful online businesses. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to market your business or organization via email.

Email Marketing is really an effective and economical way to:

  • Advertise your Products or Services!
  • Increase your Business Sales and Income!
  • Acquire new Customers!
  • Publicize your Business!
  • Promote your Website!
  • The cheapest alternative of snail mails.

webworldcenter.Com has recently launched “Pakistan Email Directory” and “Business Mobile Phone Database” for business marketing that contains:

Pakistan Email Directory + Additions [Bonus directories of different categories of Pakistani Businesses]

  • Last Updated Email Database Feb 2019
  • We regularly updated our directory with new verified Additions of business records
  • After purchasing our email directory you can download latest verified Additions 100% Free for 1 year
  • We do not create emails lists by using software to create fake email lists
  • More Then 46,000+ (Email Addresses & Mobile Phone) Records of Pakistani Business people [UPDATED & GUARANTEED VALID]
  • Entries of Pakistani Companies with Company Names, Business Types, Brands Name, Mailing Addresses, Cities, Phones, Faxes, UAN, Email Addresses, Contact Person Name and Mobile No etc.
  • This list is categorized into more than 200 Business Types!
  • It is available in Microsoft Excel form and it can easily be exported to Outlook Express, CSV, TXT or Microsoft Access.

Email Directory of Pakistan

Addition#1 – more then 35,000 Email Business Records of Pakistan

Addition#2 – more then 1350 Email Business Records of Pakistani Brands

Addition#3 – more then 350 Email Records of Pakistan Embassies

Pakistan Embassy Email Addresses

Addition#4 – more then 5000 Business Records of IT & Computer Industry of Pakistan – Added at 01 June 2018

Addition#5 – more then 2000 Educational Records of Schools, Colleges & Universities of Pakistan – Added at 02 Feb 2019

Addition#6 – more then 2000 Business Records of Jewellers, Traders & Travels of Pakistan – Added at 02 Feb 2019

At first, we collected about 2 Lac email addresses from Pakistani Yellow Pages, Business Directories, popular newspapers, visiting cards and business web sites, after that we validated them manually (removed bad/bouncing addresses from this list) and we finally got 46,000+ email addresses & Phone records out of 2.5 Lac addresses.


Costs only Rs 7500/-

To get a download link for “Pakistan Email Directory” with all free “Additions“, Click Here to place an order

We can also send your emails to these directories using our fast and smart software as we have ability to send 10,000 emails in 3 hours. Prices are given below. please contact us if you need any help.

Pakistan’s Email Directory Emails Sent For Only 15,500 Rs. You can contact us for more details

Please contact at sales@webworldcenter.com for email directory and marketing services.